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Should I book above or below deck on Go Croatia Sail’s boats?

2 cabins
Example of an above-deck cabin (left) and below-deck cabin (right) on A-Cat Novi Dan

You’ve probably seen that there are four categories of boats to choose from: A-Category, A-Extra, Premier or Premier Plus. Full details on these categories here.

Whichever boat you opt for, you will have these features as standard: ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioning in the cabins, wi-fi on board and free unlimited drinking water. On each boat, you can also pick either a below or above deck cabin. Now the question is, which is the best option for you?


Above-deck cabins are the most popular and make up most of the cabins on A-category boats and roughly 50% on higher boat categories. They cost more than below-deck cabins due to this demand and the following advantages:

  • They have great views you can enjoy from the windows or open door to your cabin.
  • Opening the doors also lets more fresh sea air circulate in your cabin if you fancy switching off the air-con.
  • They are more easily accessible from the sundecks and salons as they are all up top.

Below-deck cabins obviously have the advantage of being lower in price, but they also boast one other major advantage: more peace and quiet.

This is due to the fact that the boats usually dock side-by-side in the afternoons for an overnight stay and your boat could be first in line, 4th in line or further. So not only will there be passengers from your boat walking near your cabin, but passengers from other boats will also be passing through your boat at the above-deck level. This inevitably results in more night noise near an above-deck cabin, whereas below-deck cabins get more night peace as they are away from this foot traffic!

For examples of both above and below deck cabins on all our boat categories, see the gallery below:

twin cabin above deck
Above-deck twin cabin (bunk-beds) Otac Duje A-Cat boat
below-deck double
Below-deck double cabin on A-Category Novi Dan
Go Croatia Sail Premier boat Vapor
Double cabin below-deck on Premier boat
Premier above deck cabin on Go Croatia Sail Premier boat
Above-deck twin cabin on Premier boat
Below-deck double cabin on Premier Plus boat
twin cabin premier above
Twin cabin above-deck on Premier Plus boat

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