What kind of food is served on board my Go Croatia Sail boat?

Go Croatia Sail food

One of the best things about going on holiday is having other people cook for you! (unless you are self-catering, and who wants to do that?)

Go Croatia Sail cruises include half-board meals, which means breakfast and lunch is provided, apart from Tuesdays in Dubrovnik on Return cruises – when breakfast and dinner is included. 

We are often asked to describe the meals in more detail, which is why this article exists. Please note, this is an overview of often-served meals – not a guarantee that you will get this exact food during your trip with us.

Go Croatia sail breakfast


The most important meal of the day according to many!

Usually served from around 7.30am to 9am, breakfast is typically presented buffet-style with a selection of bread, toast, fresh fruit, yoghurt, chopped tomato, cheese, spreads (margarine, butter, jams) and cereals. The chef then cooks up a hot addition in the form of omelettes, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, fried sausages or grilled vegetables.
Of course, breakfast drinks are also included: fruit juice, tea (English breakfast, herbal, fruit teas), and coffee (instant or filter).

LUNCH (or dinner in Dubrovnik)

This meal, served from around 12.30pm-1pm onwards, is much more of an event onboard as it usually consists of 3 courses:

Starters: either a soup, simple salad (that you can choose to keep as a side for the main), a small pasta dish or something like a bruschetta or pate.

Mains: a meat dish such as grilled chicken, pork chops, beef casserole, or fish (bass, bream or similar), substantial pasta creations, risotto etc with accompaniments such as fritters, vegetables, salad and rice.

Desserts: a broad range of possibilities here, from local specialities such as Dubrovnik rozata (similar to creme caramel) or Croatian cherry strudel, to internationally-recognised ones like semifreddo, ice-cream and tiramisu.

Please remember that dinner is included instead of lunch if you are overnighting in Dubrovnik on a Tuesday night. This dinner is similar to the lunches described above.


On Sundays, and often on Wednesdays, we also offer optional onboard BBQs or a Captain’s Dinner. 
As you would expect, the BBQ is a meaty mixed-grill affair, with chips/french fries and grilled vegetables on the side. Very filling and perfect with a beer or 3. Usually costs around 15 Euros depending on inclusions. 

The Captain’s Dinner is a more lavish affair, consisting of 3 courses and usually with a fish or local speciality dish as the main. Costs around 20-25 Euros depending on inclusions.
Both the BBQ and Captain’s Dinner are entirely optional as the boat will be docked up in a town or village where you can go out for dinner in a local eatery if preferred.


We are aware that many of our customers have more specific dietary requirements. These could be due to an allergy or condition (gluten-free, lactose intolerant, nut allergies, shellfish allergies), a preference not to eat certain animal or dairy products (pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans) or for a cultural or religious reason (no pork, no beef, no shellfish). For whatever reason, if you have a dietary requirement, then we can cater for it!

We only ask that you let us know in advance via the booking form or an email at least a few days before your departure date. We are happy to purchase alternative ingredients (gluten-free food, almond milk etc), but as it is a real art form for our wonderful chefs to produce delicious food for so many people from a limited kitchen, we really need some advance notice of any special requirements!

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