What is the difference between Go Croatia Sail and Yacht Week?


We often get enquiries asking to book a “Yacht Week” experience with us, or sometimes even requests for a private boat for 8 people (only really possible when doing a yacht sail).

There are some big differences between our cruises and the Yacht Week-style trips, so let’s run through them!

  • The boats
    The biggest contrast is in the boats. Go Croatia Sail mini-cruisers are larger (around 30 to 40 metres in length), whereas the Yacht Week boats are monohull or catamaran yachts, which are around 17 metres long. See photos below.
  • Facilities onboard
    Go Croatia Sail boats vary according to types such as Classic Plus, Premier, Premier Plus and Superior. However, they all have certain facilities as standard: private cabins for 2 people (we also have some triple cabins), ensuite shower rooms and toilets with every cabin, air-con in every cabin and wi-fi onboard.
    Sailing yachts, as used by companies like Med Sailors and Yacht Week, have shared toilets, limited air-con (not very powerful and not available 24/7), and wi-fi that is more intermittent as the yachts spend more time in secluded bays.
    In addition, the sun-decks on the Go Croatia Sail mini-cruisers are more spacious, with the added bonus of several places around the boat to sit in the shade and chill.
  • Food
    On the yachts, food and drink is NOT included, so you would need to shop for your own and keep the boat stocked. You would also have to cook for yourself (or pay for a host/hostess to cook for you).
    On the mini-cruisers, there is a large kitchen with a dedicated chef and team of waiters to cook for you and serve you.
  • Drink
    The Go Croatia Sail boats have an onboard bar, selling every kind of alcoholic drink, mixer and cocktail you would need on vacation. The bar runs a tab system which is paid at the end.
    On Yacht Week there is no bar but you can stock up the fridge with your own drinks from local supermarkets, meaning the drinks bill is lower!
  • Inclusions
    Yacht life is a bit more complicated as you are affected by winds, ports you choose to moor in etc so fuel is always extra, as well as port fees, water and shore power. All of those are included in the price with Go Croatia Sail, apart from visitors’ tax (a mixture of port fees and tourist tax).
  • Price
    As an example, an Classic Plus above-deck space in a twin cabin is around £959 GBP with Go Croatia Sail, including half-board meals, skipper, crew, fuel and tax. The price always remains the same, no matter how many people are on board the boat each week. With Yacht Week, the price is around £1900 GBP, including skipper, port fees, tax, water taxis and food. This is based on 10 people sharing a boat at full capacity (price is higher per person if the boat is not full).

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