Sharks in Croatia: What You Need to Know

Croatia’s stunning Adriatic coastline is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and rich marine life.

Whilst most people associate the word “shark” with danger, the sharks found along the coastline are actually quite fascinating and not as menacing as their Hollywood reputation might suggest.

Contrary to popular belief, shark sightings in the Adriatic Sea are rare. This is mainly due to the shy, non-aggressive nature of the sharks in this region, and they tend to avoid humans whenever possible.

Some of the more commonly encountered species include the Small-spotted Catshark, the Thresher shark, and the Nurse shark.

Small-spotted Catshark: These are small, nocturnal creatures are one of the most fascinating species of shark found around coastline of Croatia. Their diminutive size, timid nature, and preference for avoiding human encounters make them one of the gentlest members of the shark family.

Thresher Sharks: Thresher sharks are known for their distinctive long tails. These graceful creatures have little teeth and feed on a diet of small fish. Threshers are found in open water, staying clear of shorelines and people. These sharks are a safe presence in the Adriatic seas and pose no threat to swimmers or divers.

Nurse Shark: You may have heard of these bottom dwelling creatures before with their unique appearance. Much like a common catfish, nurse sharks feed on the seabed with feelers and a suction like mouth, moving slowly and peacefully. They can be found resting in caves and crevices during the day, as, like the catshark, the nurse shark is nocturnal.

And with that in mind, it is important to emphasise that the chances of encountering sharks during your time with us in Croatia is exceedingly low. As we’ve mentioned, the timid, non-aggressive nature of the predominant shark species in Croatia ensures that they prefer to keep themselves far away from human activity.

If you are still concerned about your safety around the swimming areas on a Go Croatia Sail cruise, you can talk to your onboard reps, crew or the captain. They will probably tell you they have never even seen any of these sharks (although dolphins are a weekIy, sometimes daily sight!). You can fully embrace the enchanting beauty of Croatia’s coastline, knowing that shark encounters are truly extraordinary and uncommon experiences, so go ahead and relish in the crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and picturesque beaches without any fear.

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