How much should I expect to pay for drinks on a Croatia sail?

One of the more frequent queries we receive prior to departure is about the drink situation onboard. If it is also on your list of important questions, then clearly you have your priorities right!

Korcula Wine

All our boats have fully stocked bars for you to indulge in your favourite beverages whilst lounging in the sun, enjoying a delicious lunch, or preparing for a night on the town. Each boat will have its own drinks menu and the types of drinks available – the prices and happy hours etc are strictly managed by the boat. Go Croatia Sail is not involved in the sales, menu choices or pricing of any drinks (although we can give advice to our Captains and owners). The menu below is an example based off a few of our boats and will give you a feel of pricing so you can start budgeting for your sail.

*Drink prices are based on 2023 season and may vary from boat to boat and will depend on if you choose local brands or go for more premium imported labels. This is just to give you a rough idea to help you budget for your trip!

All drinks are paid for in CASH so don’t forget your euros!!

Croatia’s favourite drink:

Whilst on you sail with us you must try rakija – Croatia’s most popular drink (for locals). This drink is best described as a fruit brandy. Sljivovica (plum) and Lozovaca (grape) are 2 of the most popular ingredients, although it can be made with a multitude of fruits, nuts, petals and much, much more! Other common rakijas are Orahovac (walnut), Visnjevaca (cherry), Travarica (herb) and Medica (honey, also known as Medovaca). The array of resulting flavours will leave you spoilt for choice!

Be warned, rakija is not for the faint-hearted, as its alcohol content can range from 40%ABV to 80%ABV, depending on who made it. If you can, get homemade rakija, it is much stronger and tastier than store-bought rakija. However, if you can’t get your hands on a homemade batch, make sure to get the higher quality store-bought rakija such as Badel, it really makes the world of difference.

Locals also find it funny to give visitors one of the harsher, stronger rakijas to watch your reaction while you drink it. Please don’t let this put you off as good rakija is a real treat.

Rakija is a drink to be sipped out of a small glass, not to be knocked back like tequila. Although most tourists do drink it this way, you miss out on the rich flavour, not to mention the high alcohol content will hit you like a truck. Be prepared for the night of your life if rakija is involved – enjoy this marvellous drink but remember to know your limits!

Croatia also produces excellent wines, and you would be a fool not to sample them. Have a read about Croatian wine culture here:

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