Best places to party in Croatia

During the summer months (May to September is peak season), Dalmatia’s coastal towns and cities such as Split, Dubrovnik, and Hvar burst into life, especially in the evenings and nights! The seemingly countless bars, clubs, and beach parties attract locals and tourists alike and the Adriatic coast becomes a hub for music festivals, boat parties, and open-air events.

We have a whole article about the festival scene here. Have a look through this overview of some of the best places to party in Croatia outside of the festivals:


Split used to be known as nothing more than a seedy port town with an interesting old city that you used as a transport hub for jumping to the central Dalmatian islands or across to Italy. Not anymore!

Split’s nightlife should not be missed. There has been an explosion of sophisticated cocktail bars, pubs, vibrant restaurants, live music events and clubs. Dust off your dancing shoes, embrace the warm Mediterranean breeze, and get ready to paint the town red – or perhaps, more appropriately, Dalmatian blue.

A good place to start the night is at Charlie’s Bar which you’ll find just outside Diocletian’s Palace. It’s a bar with a good atmosphere and reasonably-priced drinks. Don’t miss Central Club, which is one of the most popular clubs in Split, boasting an unreal sound system and  hosting renowned DJs from across the globe.
Most locals go to the Bacvice Beach area of the city as it is slightly away from the tourist traps of the old town. Fjaka is a good example of this kind of cocktail lounge with a more Dalmatian atmosphere – expect local music, local prices and a relaxed vibe.


Makarska plays a starring role in your 8-day or 4-day adventure with Go Croatia Sail. Despite its small-town charm, Makarska boasts riviera beaches, a stunning promenade, and a nightlife scene that punches above its weight. Additionally, when the sun starts to dip below the horizon, Makarska comes to life with possibilities.

You can start the night off with a drink or two while watching the sunset at any of the beach bars and when the clock strikes party o’clock, one of the hotspots on your radar should be none other than Club Deep – a club nestled inside a cave! Yes, you heard that right. A cave. Right outside the cave entrance there’s a beach where you can sip a drink with the sea breeze or dance your heart out within the cool confines the cavern? It’s not your run-of-the-mill club; it’s a grotto extravaganza!


Picture this: clubbing in a castle. Because regular clubs are so last century!

Your night begins with a few drinks on your boat in the Gruz area of the city, setting the tone for a Dubrovnik adventure that’s about to get legendary. Then head over to the Dubrovnik Beer Company for a local beverage made in a brewery that is also a pub!

But here’s where it gets medieval, quite literally. Enter Revelin Culture Club, a castle club that’s not just a club; it’s a 500-year-old fortress where history meets the beat drop. World-class DJs and chart-topping performers turn this castle into a sonic kingdom that defies time and gravity. It’s not just a night out; it’s a historical audiovisual spectacle.

And if you are in Dubrovnik for a couple of nights and want to try somewhere different then head to Trocadero. Lively throughout the summer, this place doesn’t just serve cocktails; it hands you a bucket of liquid charisma. Dance under the stars, under the influence, and maybe under the impression that you’re the star of your own summer blockbuster.


Caught wind of the ultimate Tik Tok Club yet? Carpe diem! By day, it’s a beach haven; by night, it transforms into a dance floor with DJs that spin harder than a stressed politician. Picture fire performers, dancers, and enough bars to make waiting in line feel like a bad dream! The cherry on top? You can only access this paradise via a water taxi, and guess what? That’s bundled up in your (pricey) entrance fee!

When the sun dips below the horizon, Hvar town lights up. Our travellers swear it’s the best place to enjoy the nightlife. Just take a breezy 15-minute stroll west from the town centre, following the seaside path sandwiched between hotels Amfora and Podstine. There, you’ll stumble upon Hula Hula bar, a rustic wooden beach bar that’s a portal to euphoria, where everyone applauds the sun’s show as the last rays blaze across the horizon.


Korcula may not throw the wildest parties in town, but hey, who needs a massive shindig when you’ve got a history of winemaking that’s practically a liquid masterpiece? Picture this: perched in a gorgeous bar, gazing out at the sea, and sipping on a glass of Korcula’s finest wine.

This island may not boast the biggest party scene, but don’t you worry – we’ve still got your night sorted! After enjoying drinks, games, and good vibes on the boat, head over to De Javu cocktail bar. They welcome you with a shot – it’s the kind of welcome that makes you feel like a VIP. This outdoor haven is the perfect pre-party spot before you dive into the night.

Once you’ve had your fill of drinks, danced your heart out, and maybe spilled a bit of that welcome shot (oops!), a free bus comes to the rescue. Destination: The Jungle Club – a open-air paradise for party animals. Our passengers have had some of their craziest nights here, featuring events that will have you covered in neon paint or frolicking in foam. Fashion tip: Leave the Chanel and Prada at home – things might get messy! Cheers to unforgettable nights on the island where the wine flows, the shots are welcome, and the parties are legendary!


Zagreb is obviously not a cruise destination as it is very much inland, but Croatia’s capital is well worth a visit before or after a Go Croatia Sail cruise. The nightlife tends to be more alternative and edgier – a completely different scene to the coast.

Try Masters club, an underground venue in Zagreb, cozily tucked next to the Kraš Chocolate Factory. Small, dark, and full of surprises – kind of like a mystery box, but with better tunes. Cafe and night bar Alcatraz which is just a few minutes’ walk from the main Ban Jelacic Square, has managed to earn the title of one of the best places to enjoy a beer or two in the capital. One of the best things about this place is that its open from 7am until 4am!

Zagreb’s streets, especially Tkalciceva, aren’t just paved with cobblestones; they’re a runway for your tipsy swagger. It’s where bars and pubs are like characters in a play, and you’re the lead actor – or maybe just the charming drunk in the corner.


Aquarius Club at Zrce Beach is here to claim its spot as the 24th best club, according to the DJ MAG’s Top 100 Clubs list of 2022. It’s nestled in the beating heart of the party paradise that is Zrce Beach on Pag Island, Croatia. This place is like the Vegas of the Adriatic, minus the desert.

It boasts two dance floors and an all-day pool party that rivals the energy of a caffeinated squirrel. Headliners don’t just perform; they throw a sonic rager until the sun decides it’s time to rise again. And yes, it’s right on the beach, so you can take a dance break and soak in the view – because even the Adriatic Sea wants a front-row seat to this spectacle.

Due to the Zrce’s amazing setting, this beach full of clubs hosts the Hideout Festival, a five-day, five-night extravaganza on Pag Island. Think electrifying tunes, light shows that could rival a supernova, and boat parties, you can’t say no! Bicep, Hedex, Interplanetary Criminal, LF System – these aren’t just names; they’re your passport to the ultimate electronic odyssey of 2024. Check out the Croatian festival scene here.

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