Do you sleep on the boat on a Croatia Sail?

The short answer is: yes! But of course, there are more details you should know about the different options for where you can choose to sleep!

Double Cabin on Le Cordea

Part of the attraction to seeing Croatia’s coastline via a small ship cruise is that your accommodation comes included with the adventure, and you won’t have to lug heavy bags from ferry to ferry and hotel to hotel in the summer heat at each location. With food, drinks, ensuite bathroom and your own cabin, a Go Croatia Sail trip will save you heaps of time, energy, planning and cost!.

Our boats offer both above deck and below deck cabins. If you are unsure of which would suit you best, have a read here- Should I book an above deck or below deck cabin? 

We have three different cabin configurations, mostly double (one larger bed, usually for couples) twin (two separate beds, usually 2 x single beds in one cabin, which can be side-by-side or bunk-bed style), and some triple cabins (can be a double plus a single, or 3 separate singles). All of our cabins on all our boats have 24/7 air-conditioning, ensuite bathrooms and bedding included in the price.

Cabins on a Classic plus boat:

A triple cabin (double and single, bunk-bed style) on Novi Dan, a Classic Plus boat

A triple cabin (double and single, bunk-bed style) on Novi Dan, a Classic Plus boat

The cabins on our Classic Plus boats are smaller than the other, higher boat categories. Traditionally wooden, this authentic Croatian style of boat is most popular with our 20s-35s, as the intimate style of vessel makes for a great party atmosphere and comfortable sleeping arrangements for a younger, more sociable crowd! The cabins come in three bed configurations:

  • Double Cabins – double bed with ensuite bathroom.
  • Twin Cabins- two single beds (sometimes side-by-side but usually bunk-bed) with an ensuite bathroom.
  • Triple Cabins- either one double bed and one single bed (usually bunk-bed style), or three single beds, with ensuite bathroom.

Storage can be found under the beds, and there is usually enough room for a suitcase or two. Bathroom towels are provided, and we suggest bringing a beach towel or two for the numerous swim spots. The bathrooms are usually of a wet room style, with shower and toilet being in the same room – this is common on boats of this category!

Cabins on a Premier boat:

Example of cabins on Navigator

The Premier category boats are larger and more modern compared to the Classic Plus, with metal hulls and more spacious cabins. The bathrooms are more hotel-style, with a separated cubicle for the shower. These boats, despite being larger, still provide that great atmosphere you can find on the Classic Plus category but cost a little bit more!

Again, Premier boats have three cabin types:

  • Double Cabin- one double bed, ensuite boutique hotel style bathroom.
  • Twin Cabin- two single beds, ensuite boutique hotel style bathroom.
  • Triple Cabin- three single beds or one double and one single bed, ensuite boutique hotel style bathroom.

Most of the rooms have small wardrobes or spaces under the bed for suitcases or rucksacks. All cabins have wall sockets (European style – keep that in mind for packing adaptors!) and bedside lights for reading.

Cabins on a Premier PLUS boat:

Examples of twin and double cabins on Ocean

Premier Plus boats are the second largest in our fleet. Our lovely boat Ocean is quite the beauty and a good example of the category. Her cabins are larger and more luxurious than the Premier boats, and she boasts a full-sized jacuzzi on the top deck! With hotel style bathrooms in every cabin, and large amounts of storage for luggage, these boats are perfect for our 30s-49s cruises.

Ocean has two cabin types:

  • Double Cabin- one double bed with a hotel style ensuite.
  • Twin Cabin- two single beds side-by-side (no bunks!) with a hotel style ensuite.

The rooms on a Premier Plus boat have plenty of cupboards or wardrobes to unpack your luggage into. However, as with all of our boats, we recommend you keep your valuables either locked in the safe or on you at all times.

Cabins on a SUPERIOR boat:

Cabins on Cleopatra

Superior boats are the largest in our fleet, and as the name suggests, the grandest! So, as you can imagine, the cabins are large (for a boat). The facilities on board and in the cabins are of a high standard, with more spacious areas, bigger bathrooms, and plenty of storage for luggage.

Superior boats have three cabin types:

  • Double Cabin- one double bed, hotel style ensuite.
  • Twin Cabin – two single beds side-by-side (no bunks!), hotel style ensuite
  • Triple Cabin- three single beds or one double and one single bed, side-by-side, hotel style ensuite

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Cabins on Le Cordea

How to secure the cabin you want:

  • Make sure to book in advance, in order to secure the cabin you desire, as most of our cruises are very popular and fill up quickly!
  • When you make your booking, make sure to state your bed preferences.
  • Send us an email if you are unsure of which cabins to book, we are always more than happy to help.

If you miss out on the cabin you originally wanted, not to worry as most of your time will be spent above deck enjoying the views, sunbathing, and swimming with new friends!

Due to the nature of our fleet, cabins styles and sizes will vary from boat to boat, even if they are in the same category. This is all part of the charm of doing Go Croatia Sail – every boat has its own unique, desirable characteristics, and no two sails are ever the same!

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