How can I fit a Croatia Sail, Sail Greece, and Sail Turkey into one trip?

Doing these 3 amazing tours in one trip is the ultimate way to see the Mediterranean, and takes a bit of planning. But it can be done! Here is the summary of the best route to take:



Split – Dubrovnik (Go Croatia Sail); 4-day sail

Dubrovnik – Bari: ferry

Bari – Corfu: ferry

Corfu – Zakynthos: ferry

Zakynthos – Santorini (Go Sail Greece) 8-day gulet cruise and ferry island-hop in one tour

Santorini – Rhodes: ferry

Rhodes – Fethiye OR Rhodes to Bodrum: ferry

Fethiye – Bodrum (Go Sail Turkey) 7-day sail, or 7-day Bodrum to Fethiye (if going the other way)

The ultimate way to explore 3 unique coastlines! And don’t forget, you get 5% off ALL the tours if you book 2 of them, or all 3.

Kickstart your adventure in Split, easily accessible via its well-connected airport from various European destinations. Upon arrival, make your way to Split port, to meet with your captain and crew, gearing up for an exhilarating 4-day sail to Dubrovnik. See here for more information on Getting to Croatia

After a welcome speech, some introductions and probably a refreshment from the bar, you can spend the day lounging on the sundeck, swim breaks, grabbing drinks and chatting away with your new shipmates. That evening, dive into the vibrant atmosphere of Club Deep, famed for its electrifying ‘Rave in a Cave’ nights—an ideal icebreaker with your fellow passengers.

Next, we set sail for Mjlet island, home to a breathtaking national park and a unique island within an island. Here you can immerse yourself in nature’s wonders, whether you chose to explore the park by renting bikes to cycle around, or kayaks to paddle across the lake and around the island on an island.

After another day filled swimming, eating, relaxing or partying, we’ll reach Dubrovnik, and the possibilities for exploration are endless. Lose yourself in the winding streets of the old town, steeped in centuries of rich history. Consider a Game of Thrones walking tour or getting your adrenaline pumping with a thrilling zipline excursion. And as the sun sets, treat yourself to cocktails at one of the city’s countless bars.

Whilst in Dubrovnik, you must take a day trip to Lokrum Island – this infamous island is not only famous for being the filming site for many Game of Thrones episodes, but it also has a dark history…

After saying ‘Doviđenja’ to your new friends and crew, it’s time to get on your way to the next step of the trip, Greece! You can get to Zakynthos from Croatia with two travel routes, one pretty straight forward, and the other slightly more adventurous (with a stopover in Italy!).

The first would be to fly from Dubrovnik to Zakynthos (via Zagreb and Vienna), where you can meet your next crew for your Go Sail Greece adventure! The whole travel time will be around 5-6 hours including changeovers and will cost roughly 260 Euros.

The second option would be to catch a ferry from Dubrovnik to Bari, Italy (around 80 Euros one-way for foot passengers). This is a popular ferry route that many of our travellers use when connecting Croatia to Italy and departs around 3-5 times a week in high season. Here you can find out more on  why you should use ferries to get to and from your Croatia sail.

From Bari you would get another ferry to Corfu, and then from Corfu to Zakynthos. This route is certainly longer (but more exciting!) and could be done over the course of 2 or more days. This way you get to experience more of Bari and Corfu along the way to your next stop, making the journey more of an adventure rather than just a quick route to the next destination. Not to mention this way of travel is slightly more budget-friendly! Whichever route you choose, Zakynthos awaits, marking the gateway to your Go Sail Greece adventure.

Once again, it is time to meet your Captain and crew on the sandy beaches of Zakynthos. Hop aboard for three days of sun, sailing and swimming! From the secluded shores of Agios Nikolaos, Santorini, to the charming fishing village of Agia Effimia, Kefalonia, and Nydri, the famed port of Lefkada. Explore traditional markets, Greek cuisine, and many, many swim stops alongside pristine beaches and dramatic contrasts between lush green forests and striking blue water.

Each stop along the Ionian isles promises its own unique allure. Take an optional excursion to Melissani Cave when we stop over in Kefalonia, a lake within a cave, this is one of the top attractions in Greece, as the water glows bright blue when the light floods in from the roof!

Say goodbye to your boat, and the Ionian isles, and embark on a main land adventure with your rep, and the rest of your shipmates. With a bus transfer across the coastline of mainland Greece, we have a little surprise waiting for us. A lunch stop brings us to the quaint seaside town of Nafpaktos. This gorgeous venetian port town is half-way between Lefkada and Athens, and is well equipped with souvenir shops, taverns, and seaside restaurants, not to mention the spectacular castle towering over the town!

Well fed and excited to soldier on to Athens, we will continue on the scenic drive to Greece’s capital. In Athens, you can explore ancient landmarks like the Acropolis and Parthenon, wander through vibrant neighbourhoods such as Plaka, and savour delicious Greek cuisine at local tavernas.

Wave goodbye to Athens, it is time to start the ferry hopping side to the journey. This part of the trip will be more vibrant and energetic than the serene Ionic Islands! The Cycladic islands each offer its own blend of scenic beauty and cultural richness. Our first stop will be the notorious Mykonos…

In Mykonos, the possibilities are endless, from exploring picturesque villages, swimming in crystalline waters, and partying the night away at the many beach bars and clubs.

After Mykonos, a quick ferry transfer to Ios, yet another iconic party island. Visit Chora, with its traditional Cycladic charm, featuring whitewashed buildings, winding alleyways, and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. Here you can find archaeological sites and wander about the quaint houses and windmills.

Onto the last stop on this great Greek odyssey, Santorini. Fira town, the capital of Santorini, is one of the most photographed towns in Greece. Postcard horizons, terrace bars looking over dramatic ocean scenes, and voted to have the best sunsets in all of Greece!

Wave Adiós to your Greek team, from Santorini you can hop on another ferry to Rhodes, explore Rhodes for a while and then hop from Rhodes to Bodrum to do a 7-day Bodrum to Fethiye Go Sail Turkey cruise, or from Rhodes to Fethiye to do the 7-day Fethiye to Bodrum route instead. This is a great way to see a little bit more of Greece and saves you having to restrict your luggage as you would on a flight. See here why ferry travel is a popular option when travelling to Turkey from Greece – Ferry travel Turkey

Arriving in Bodrum, you will meet your representative, and after a quick ferry – bus transfer, we will arrive in Datca town, and board the boat. If arriving in Fethiye, you can overnight there and join your boat the next day (Saturday) where your Go Sail Turkey crew eagerly awaits. Here begins the final leg of your voyage, leading you through a tapestry of Turkish delights. As an example (as you can do both directions depending on whether you start from Bodrum or Fethiye), here is the Bodrum-Fethiye route:

There is simply so much to see and do on the 7-day Bodrum to Fethiye Go Sail Turkey route. Starting the journey off strong with Palamatbuku bay – a beautiful coastal town known for its clear blue water and long sandy beaches. Indulge in the Turkish culture in the local markets and try some of the best seafood in the Aegean Sea! After paddling about in the waters, step on land to discover Knidos, an ancient Greek settlement, and although still under excavation, you will find some impressive artifacts, and can learn about its fascinating history.

Once your brains Are stuffed full of ancient knowledge of the ruins, we will head back to Datca. Here you can explore Eski Datca, filled with stone houses, narrow alleyways, bougainvillea plants with their vibrant colours against the yellow stone, this idyllic old town is great to wander about whilst in Datca.

After day filled with swim stops and lunches in the amazing bays, we will head to Bozukkale – a large peninsula near Datca. Visitors are drawn to explore the ruins of the citadel, you can climb the peninsula for great views, and have a glimpse into Turkey’s naval past.

Soak in the lively atmosphere of Marmaris before venturing to Dalyan. Dalyan is charming riverside town in Turkey, known for its ancient Lycian rock tombs, vibrant market, and scenic boat tours along the Dalyan River. You can experience the therapeutic benefits of natural mud baths and witness endangered loggerhead turtles nesting on İztuzu Beach. With our optional excursions (but highly recommended), the Mud Baths and Turtle Beach.

Next on the itinerary are Cleopatra’s Baths – Historical thermal baths in the vicinity of Dalyan, believed to have been visited by Cleopatra herself, offering rejuvenating mineral-rich waters.

Once everyone feels as fresh and beautiful as Cleopatra herself, time to move onto the 12 Islands, a picturesque archipelago off the coast of Fethiye, Turkey, known for its crystal-clear waters, hidden coves, and plenty of opportunities for snorkelling and sunbathing.

Finishing off this Aegean/Mediterranean extravaganza in Fethiye, say ‘Hoşça kal’ to your Go Sail Turkey team for the last time. Stay for a night or two in Fethiye (great nightlife and plenty of restaurants and street food stalls to fill your appetite!), or head to Dalaman airport to catch your next flight to Istanbul or many destinations across Europe (Dalaman airport is well connected).

If you did the Fethiye-Bodrum route, then you would be able to use Bodrum airport instead to go to Istanbul or many other destinations across Europe.

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