Go Croatia Sail is the Perfect Answer to Anti-Tourism Protests

With headlines such as “The World’s Revolt against Bad Tourists” and Riot cops clash with anti-tourist protesters, it seems locals are rebelling against invasive tourism across many European destinations.

And it seems to be with good reason, as lack of housing, low wages, traffic jams and other pressures are making life difficult for people who live permanently in and around some of Europe’s most popular destinations, particularly in Spain and Italy.

Image source: BBC

With these anti-tourism protests hitting the headlines, Go Croatia Sail’s small ship cruises challenge this with little negative impacts. Not contributing to road traffic, providing accommodation off land (therefore not worsening property inflation for locals) whilst still boosting the local economy and operating from smaller boats with fewer environmental impacts than large cruise ships, are all ways that Go Croatia Sail is counteracting many of the concerns.

So book a small-ship cruise safe in the knowledge that your cabin is not a place that could have been used to house local people, you are not sitting in a hire car choking up the entry roads to the popular resorts and that your boat goes to lots of smaller destinations and spreads the much-appreciated tourism euros to local restaurants, excursion providers and Croatian families that run and own the boats as their livelihood!