Go Croatia Sail: Croatia Sailing Cruises Split-Dubrovnik 2020

Q: What time does the boat depart from Dubrovnik on day 1 (Tuesday)?
A: Official check-in is from 5pm (noon), but the boat remains in Dubrovnik overnight so you can arrive earlier or later on that day. Access to your cabin will be from 5pm onwards and you have dinner included onboard on day 1 at 6.30pm! If you arrive early, you can leave your bag onboard and explore Dubrovnik or do one of the optional excursions, such as buggy safari or Game of Thrones+Dubrovnik Tour.
Q: What time does the sail finish in Split?
A: The boat docks into Split on Friday afternoon and then overnights in Split. Breakfast is then from 7.30am to 8.30am on the Saturday and check-out must then be completed by 9am. You then jump onto the local bus from Split to Capljina (Bosnia) at 9.30am (tickets provided) at the Split Bus Station, which is close to the port where your boat will be docked. Your Go Croatia Sail representative will ensure that you catch this bus all fine.
Q: What are the sleeping arrangements in the boat cabins?
A: Most of our cabins can be suited to couples who would prefer a double, or twin beds (2 separate beds) for friends who don't wish to share a bed. Please let us know your preference in advance - we can't always match your preference but we try to as best we can according to the configuration of travellers.
Q: What about triple cabins, for 3 friends in one cabin?
A: Three friends can share one cabin - 1 person in a separate bed and 2 in a double bed. There is a 10% discount on each passenger's space for triple-sharing.
Q: What is the arrangement for solo travellers on the boat?
A: Solo travellers would have to share a cabin with another solo traveller or third person from another group. We try to match people up according to gender, but this is not always possible due to passenger configurations. There is always the option of a single supplement as well (see below).
Q: If I don't want to share my cabin, can I pay a single supplement?
A: Yes, you can pay a single supplement. Our single supplement is 50% extra. You must book your single cabin in advance.
Q: What are the bathroom arrangements on the boat? Is there air-con?
A: Every cabin has its own ensuite bathroom as standard. There is an air-conditioning unit in each cabin that runs overnight from 10.30pm to 9.30am.
Q: What is the difference between above deck and below deck cabins?
A: Above deck is on the main deck and lower deck is in the hull of the boat. There are advantages and disadvantages to both - lower deck cabins are often cooler and more peaceful at night as you do not have other passengers walking past your cabin as much as the above deck cabins. Above deck cabins are brighter with more natural ventilation and most open out onto the sea.
Q: What food is included on the sail?
A: You will have 2 meals everyday which consists of a continental breakfast (bread, spreads, with varieties of fruit, yoghurt, eggs, sausages etc throughout the week), and 3-course lunch (soup to start, followed by meat/fish/pasta/rice dish and a dessert). The only exception to this is that DINNER is included on the check-in day (Tuesday).
Q: What if I am vegetarian or have other special dietary requirements, how can you help me?
A: Please tell us about your special dietary requirements before your cruise starts and our onboard chef will do their best to cater for them.
Q: Can I bring my own food and drink on board?
A: You can't bring your own food on board, apart from for special dietary requirements. This also applied to drink: drinks are not allowed to be brought on board (including water) as the boat runs its own bar (on a tab system). Unlimited drinking water is provided for FREE.
Q:Can I pay for my bar tab by credit card?
A: Our boats do not have card facilities onboard. All payments for your bar tab can be made only by cash locally on your last day before you check out of the boat. The cash payment can be done in Croatian Kuna, Euro, or a mixture of the two.
Q:How many people will be on my boat?
A: Between 25 to 38 passengers, with 3 or 4 crew members.
Q:What nationalities and ages are on board?
A: Most of our guests are aged between 18 and 39, with the majority falling in the twenties and early thirties bracket. They are from English-speaking countries (UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ, South Africa, Canada, USA), EU countries (mostly Western Europe) and others such as Israel and Brazil.
Q:What if I miss, or am going to be late for the boat's departure from Dubrovnik?
A: This is unlikely to happen as the boat overnights on the first night in Dubrovnik. However, if something unforeseen happens, please let us know as soon as you can and we will advise you on where to catch up with the boat in Korcula.
Q:How much spending money should I bring?
A: Personal spending money amounts obviously vary from person to person but as a general rule around Euro 25 to Euro 30 per day can cover additional meals and optional entrances.
Q: Do I have to have any insurance?
A: We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance before you go.
Q: Are there any power sockets on board?
A: Our boats have power sockets in the cabins and in the salon area. They are European 2-pin sockets so don't forget your adaptors if you need them!
Q: How do I get to Dubrovnik?
A: We have a whole page on our website dedicated to getting to Croatia and Dubrovnik. Please click on it here.
Q: Are there towels provided on board?
A: Some bathroom towels are provided but you should definitely bring your own beach towels.
Q: What time does the Go Bosnia tour depart from Split?
A: Check out from your boat is 9am on the Saturday. The bus for Bosnia then departs at 9.30am.
Q: Is the Bosnia tour fully led all the way through?
A: Yes, you will have a Bosnian/English-speaking tour leader to take you through from Croatia to Herzegovina to Bosnia to Montenegro. He will have a day off on the Tuesday, but you can book a separate tour guide for that day. By law, he can orientate you around every destination, but is not allowed to give you an in-depth guided walk around Mostar either, but there is also the option of a walking tour of the old city there.
Q: I am a solo traveller or in a couple - if I don't want to share a dorm, can I pay a double/single supplement?
A: Yes, you can pay a double or single supplement - please email us for prices. You must also book your single cabin and rooms in advance.
Q: What food is included?
A: Breakfasts are included every morning.
Q: What if I am vegetarian or have other special dietary requirements, how can you help me?
A: You should tell us about your special dietary requirements before your tour starts and we can ensure that the breakfasts are more suited to your requirements.
Q:Can I leave the tour in Sarajevo?
A: Yes, you can. The price would then be £70 less.
Q: Are there towels provided?
A: You will be provided with bathroom towels at the accommodation. However, you should definitely bring your own beach towel for swim stops at places such as Kravica Waterfalls.

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