About Us
Go Croatia Sail - JUST GO!
We love Croatia and the Balkans. Our staff are from there, have lived there, know the language, the culture and the people.
With over 16 years' experience in creating and running trips in Croatia, Bosnia and Turkey, we know that the winning formula to an unforgettable adventure on the Croatian coast is local knowledge, a fun boat with fun crew, excellent customer communication and attention to detail.
We are the only Croatia cruise company that offers shorter one-way trips of 3 nights and 4 nights in length, as well as 7-night return sails that start and finish in either Split or Dubrovnik.


Our Croatian boats are locally-owned and operated, as are the excursion providers with whom we work. Croatia is, in our opinion, the most beautiful coastal country in Europe and deserves the success it is now enjoying. Time for you to be a part of that and do the ultimate trip on the Adriatic - Go Croatia Sail!


Go Adventures is a small, specialist company based in the UK that offers Croatia, Bosnia and Turkey as its main destinations. As well as Go Croatia Sail, we offer Summer adventure tours in Bosnia, as Go Bosnia; amazing gulet sails in Turkey, as Go Sail Turkey; plus our Bosnian Wintersports trip called Ski Sarajevo. Our sales team, management, destination partners and local representatives work tirelessly to keep our trips special, entertaining and above all else, value for money.


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