Our Boats

Our Boats

What's so special about Go Croatia Sail's boats?

We have 4 Categories of boats running during the summer on different routes:
A-Category (whole summer), A-Extra (August), Premier (July) and Premier Plus (13 July).
We are very proud of our 2 A-Category air-con ships. Novi Dan has 15 cabins (around 30 people) and Otac Duje has 13 (around 26 people). They both boast several features that make them the best value for money A-Category boats on the Adriatic:
(1) Ensuite shower rooms and toilets as standard.
(2) FREE unlimited drinking water for everyone every day!
(3) Air-conditioning in the cabins - unheard of on most other A-Cat boats!
(4) FREE wi-fi on board.
Novi Dan (A Category) Gallery:
Otac Duje (A Category) Gallery:

Our A-Extra boat, Lastavica, is something unique. She is a class above A-Cat but not quite Premier - a real inbetweener and we love her for it! She has a metal structure, but with lots of wooden extras and decking that give her a more traditional feel. She has slightly larger cabins (14 cabins in total) than an A-Cat, a diving platform and a spacious salon. Of course, air-con, wi-fi and unlimited drinking water also come as standard.
Lastavica (A-Extra) Gallery:

We also have one of the finest Premier boats, Aurora, doing departures with us in July. This higher class ship boasts 18 larger cabins for 36 people, an incredible sun-deck, diving platform, spacious rear-deck, top-deck plunge pool, and hotel-style ensuite shower-rooms. Obviously, air-con, wi-fi and unlimited drinking water are also standard features.
Aurora (Premier Category) Gallery:

Our Premier PLUS boat, Freedom, is only doing 2 departures with us, the most popular ones: 13 and 16 July. This deluxe class ship boasts 20 very spacious cabins for 40 people, some of which are VIP! There is a stunning sun-deck, diving platform, spacious rear-deck, a top-deck plunge pool AND a jacuzzi, and hotel-style ensuite shower-rooms. Of course, air-con, wi-fi and unlimited drinking water are also features.
Freedom (Premier Plus Category) Gallery:

What's so special about Go Croatia Sail?

We are not a generic travel company! We specialise in Croatia Sailing and Bosnia tours for people in the 18 to 39 age group, with separate departures for our 39+ age-group cruises.
As such, we ensure the adventure is about the people, the country and life onboard. We are the ONLY company to run 7-night, 4-night and 3-night sails, that can also combine with a Go Bosnia tour if you wish.

Private Charter

Although our boats run on our scheduled routes in June, July, August and September, they can also be booked for private groups and chartered routes during this period, and in lower season (May, late September and October). If you wish to have a boat exclusively for your group, then please email us for a quotation: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.