Go Croatia Sail
Group Deal

Go Croatia Sail
Group Deals

Our boats are perfect for large and medium-sized groups of mates who want the ultimate, shared, hassle-free travelling experience.
Choose a route, choose a departure date and get everyone together.
To make the deal even sweeter, the Group Leader gets his or her space for FREE if an entire boat is filled by their group!

This offer runs all year but it’s best to book as early as possible to guarantee that an entire boat would be available for your preferred departure date.

How many people can a boat hold?
A-Category Boat: Minimum 22, maximum 38 people.
A-Extra Boat: Minimum 22, maximum 32 people.
Premier Boat: Minimum 28, maximum 36 people.

Premier Plus: Minimum 30, maximum 36 people.

What is the minimum group number to get the special offer?

22 passengers – for an A-Category or A-Extra boat.

Does the free space deal apply to any sail?

Yes. 4-day Split-Dubrovnik, 5-day Dubrovnik-Split, 8-day Split Return or 8-day Dubrovnik Return.

What happens if we get, say, 10 to 12 spaces reserved on the boat?

That would not be enough for the deal but we could put you all on the same boat and then the other spaces would be filled by other booked passengers, unless you paid for the empty spaces as well. Alternatively, you can hold 12 spaces (with deposits) and then get other friends on board over time.

How long can you hold the spaces for while I get my friends together?

Usually around 2 weeks depending on how close the departure date is, but just keep us updated on the progress of the group and we can often extend it.

Can members of the group pay separately?

We would require the deposit (£50 per person for a group taking up part of a boat, or £100 per person for a whole boat) all in one payment. When the balance becomes due, we would require this as one payment as well.

What do I do next?

Just fill out a quotation form and put GROUPDEAL22 in the notes and we’ll get back to you with a quote that includes a FREE space.

Get your friends together today!