Working with us is one of the most rewarding, and challenging, things you will ever do!


The most important person in Go Croatia Sail! You will be welcoming guests, delivering speeches, booking excursions and generally being the friendly face the customers rely on.


If you are a good photographer and/or videographer then we need you on board for a week to capture the essence of what the Go Croatia Sail experience is all about.



The most in-demand person on board our boats!

This is not an exaggeration: you are the most important person in the company from the customer’s perspective. And who else is more important than them? This is reflected in the fact that your name
will be remembered and mentioned 
several times in online reviews (either good or bad).

This means that the role carries a lot of responsibilities and would suit candidates who have an excellent awareness of exactly what good, personal customer service means, and how to deliver it.

As we say at Go Croatia Sail: “This is the best and worst job in the world!” The best aspects are: meeting new people, spectacular scenery every day, a supportive team, fun activities and
lifelong memories. The bad sides are: potential complaint resolution, solving problems under pressure and long hours.


Free excursions

2-3 included meals a day


Paid days off

End of contract commission payment

Customer Service Training

Wage increases for returning for more seasons

Learning invaluable, transferable skills.

The incredible and unique opportunity to work a summer season in BOTH Croatia and Turkey.

We operate cruises in both Croatia and Turkey, and some of our reps can request to work in both countries in one season (2 months Croatia, 2 months Turkey for example).

Recruitment Process

Submit your CV

Submit your CV and a cover letter using the form below. If you do not submit a cover letter, the application will not be considered.

The cover letter

The cover letter should specify exactly what skills and attributes you have that would be of benefit to the role, as well as the skills you want to improve and develop.

Stage 1 Interview

If you receive a positive reply you will be invited to a Stage 1 interview with our Operations Manager. This lasts around 30 mins and focusses mostly on your experience, skills and personality.

Stage 2 Interview

If the Stage 1 interview goes well, you will be invited back to a Stage 2 interview with both the Operations Manager and Director. This interview will be more probing, presenting you with more “on-the-spot” real-life scenarios, to see your reactions and resolutions.

You ask, we answer

If you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact us at:

An outgoing personality with a huge dose of self-reliance is essential. Experience of travelling or living in Croatia, and Croatian language ability is extremely helpful (but not essential). Having worked in customer-facing tourism roles (such as receptionist, host/hostess, animator) is also desirable.

Starter reps who have never done such a role before receive 1200 Euros a month as wages. Additionally, there is an end-of-contract commission payment, meals, tips and accommodation.

This all depends on how long you want to work for! Typically, the contracts are for 3 months. However, last year we had reps who chose to work 6 months, 4 months, 6 weeks and even 2 weeks.
We would prefer a minimum of 3 months for starter reps.

At the start of the contract, there is a focus on training in June and then getting through the busy first 3 weeks of July. After that, there is breathing space for allocated, paid-for days off every week.

No, but it is extremely helpful!

If you hold a Croatian or EU passport then you would not need a work permit. 
For non-EU/Croatian passport holders, we can arrange 3-month (sometimes more) work permits.

What are you waiting for? Apply now!!



Are you a Photographer or Videographer (or both?) able to capture the very essence of what an adventure is all about? If so, we need you to capture the GO CROATIA SAIL experience!

We need stunning images and video of the excursions, meals on board, life on a boat, nightclubs etc.
The perfect content creator has to be dynamic and highly organized to keep up with the fast pace on board our ships.

All content creators who collaborate with us will need to deliver an agreed amount of high-quality photos and videos. You will then receive in return:
– free accommodation onboard the cruise.
– 2 included meals a day.
– access to a variety of excursions.

Croatia is waiting for you – don’t miss this opportunity!



Depends on availability but we always try to give our content creators a private cabin with a private bathroom and air-con.

2 meals included a day

Breakfast is always provided, plus lunch (mostly) or dinner depending on the day.


You will be able to participate in some amazing excursions for free 

Ready to capture the summer in one of the most beautiful countries in the world? Apply now!!

Every submission will be evaluated by our DIGITAL MEDIA MANAGER.
Usage of a drone is not necessary, but is preferred.